Monday, 26 May 2014

Episode 001 Due Soon!

Julius and I have just finished an interview with a legendary comic creator for our first full episode of the Inky Fingers podcast. I'm not saying who it is right now, you'll just have to wait and see! But let me assure you it will be worth tuning in for!

We have a couple of other articles in the can as well, and I'm busy editing the first episode at the moment (well, not at the moment, because I'm writing this blog!).

What I can tell you is we are going to release two half-hour episodes on the 1st June. After some feedback we had, we think this will suit people who don't want to listen to a whole hour in one go - as well as for those who do (those that do want to listen to the full hour can just roll straight on from the first part to the second part).

Anyway, back to editing... Please check back on the 1st June to see if I hit my deadline...

Simon Beigh

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