Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Inky Fingers Podcast Episode 011 - January 2015


Beano Exhibition

Missing Comic Art

Best of 2014 Awards

Eric Moore

My blogs go like this:
This one looks at the British comics i grew up with, either revisiting certain issues, or discovering new one's. It covers the period 1968 - 1978 as i was 6-16 then, so its my childhood reading years:

Then we have my "Someone Old, Someone New" art project:

And finally my "Batman 186" art project, where i ask artists to recreate my favourite ever American comic cover in their own style. Like i say, early days on this one, but more in the pipeline:

Until Episode 12!

Simon Beigh & Julius Howe





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Thursday, 15 January 2015

Beano Exhibition @ St Pancras Station

A couple of pictures of the Beano Annual Exhibition at St Pancras Station, London, which I stumbled across by chance. Had some nice original cover art: